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Honda Kiku
N I H O N (J A P A N)
"Real" Name: Honda Kiku (Eastern order)
Rank: C-Rank                Serial #: 29010660M
Room #: M21                Roommate: Daemon
Age: ??? (appears 32)     Status: Quite well

Hair Color: Black            Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'4 (165cm)        Weight: Slim, toned body
Other Characteristics: Short black hair, a nearly neutral expression, it is difficult to tell what he is thinking and he sometimes gives off a mysterious air.
  + As of NS55, has his canon outfit (at right).
              Currently: [ WORN | UNWORN ] Jacket only

Main Language: Japanese
Second Language(s): Nation-speak, some English, some Chinese, bits and pieces of other languages.

Power Limitations: Mostly human, more difficult to kill than most, faster healing and his fighting spirit [Full Explanations]. He's also well trained in judo, aikido, karate, kendo and Japanese swordsmanship.

Belongings: Landel's Starter Kit, Canon outfit [Supply List]

Informational Links:
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