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How's My Driving

How's My Driving

Have anything to tell me about how I play Japan? Suggestions, criticisms, things you've noticed, things you want to see done, anything at all, please let me know.

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Collected Signatures

Day 54
Buzz Lightyear - stolen from the board
Woody - stolen from the board

Day 57
Sora - received after asking
Lelouch Lamperouge - stolen

Day 58
Badou - stolen

Day 59
Tenjou Utena - stolen
Makunouchi Ippo - stolen
Sakura - (Naruto) stolen
Anise - (Tales of the Abyss) stolen
Venom - stolen

Tracking Post

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DAY TWOCollapse )

DAY THREECollapse )

DAY FOURCollapse )

DAY FIVECollapse )

Journal Entry 2

Day: XXWeather: Cold

America-san has disappeared, but it appears that more of us are arriving instead. For now, the count is at seven: Prussia, England, Austria, myself, Germany, that man and--

Things will be complicated with Prussia-san and him being just as they were in the past. I have yet to meet Austria-san, but at least Germany-san and England-san are sane reliable can act as buffers so we do not reenact history where others can see.

I fear that my connection to my country is not the only thing that is amiss here, though. Suzaku-san disappeared recently and has been replaced with Shinji Ikari. I also met Venom and Heinrich Lunge and the Protagonist. They are too close to the original material. Venom-san's hair was actually white. It was not a wig. His face was too perfectly constructed. Heinrich Lunge appeared confused when I mentioned I had read about him in a story. Is Germany-san right? Are these people really who they say they are? Could it be that the Institute is capable of taking people from media sources and making them real?

I wish I had my camera.

Or at least an autograph book.
How was this happening? His brain simply could not catch up and process what was happening before his eyes. Or more accurately, it was happening before his feet and at about waist level. There were several things he could think of that could happen in such a position (several which were quite awkward), but none of them were as shocking as this. He was a nation of over 2000 years and yet this one, outwardly simple and somewhat understandable (from an objective perspective) event had completely shut down his upper brain functions.

Then, slowly, it all began to come back to him. Like a movie reel that had been rewound or a sports feature replay, the world up until this moment fluttered before his mind’s eye.

He’d woken up in a strange place – a dirty place that was most definitely not his home because not even in his warehouse was this bad – and had been very confused. He’d found a phone that was not his own, a bed that was far too western in form and thus hurt his back to sleep on, and clothes that he vaguely recognized as his but from a very long time ago. He’d wandered around the room aimlessly for a few moments, noting the décor and finding no strange notes that would point to him being kidnapped by America’s strange little friend or by Russia. Or France. Or anyone really. There hadn’t been much else there. The phone had been empty of contacts although it seemed to be his since it had his name and photograph in it. Handy, he’d thought, very handy. But no internet access and it wasn’t a smartphone. Unfortunate. At least it was a good design (even if he could likely make it sleeker, smaller, more easily able to fit into pockets) so he could accept this as a temporary substitute for his own phone. But he knew he would need to get his back at some point. Even if suddenly waking up in a strange location was the best way to start an RPG adventure or a favorite set-up for some new anime plot, he was a busy Nation and he had things to do. The business with his upper regions had not yet been settled, his bosses were once again fighting over leadership, scandal was rocking the entertainment world and he had to take his dog out for his morning walk.

With all that in mind, he’d been playing around with the phone, trying to get it to work, trying to phone his bosses to let them know where he was, when he’d stepped outside. And there had been a cry to his… Had it been his left? Yes, it must have been as he was currently facing that direction, phone still in hand, horrified expression on his face. There had been a cry to his left and someone had rushed at him, crying and sobbing as he (it was a he? Yes, he recognized that ponytail now) grabbed him around the waist and pressed his face into Japan’s stomach. This was…


Reality snapped back into place and Japan’s face went white. China was sobbing and holding him. This was…

“Privacy invasion!!” he screeched, internally congratulating himself on his own prowess as he quickly and very neatly threw China backwards over his head.

Journal Entry 1

Day: XXWeather: Cloudy

Apparently I have been relocated to a place called Landel's Institute without my permission. While the move itself is not unpleasant (it is in America-san's land after all), the sudden loss of my connection to my people and my lands is. I am uncertain how this has happened, but-

Germany-san is here, however. Along with America-san, England-san and...him. I have heard that another of us are here, but I have not met this person yet.

I think things will be   I hope things will be  

[Pen taps]

There are many people here who appear to be cosplaying. I am rooming with a young man who has assumed the role of Kururugi Suzaku. I am most excited to see that my country's culture has grown so popular that people would put on conventions like these in American-san's country. As always, the scale is very lar Germany-san assures me this is not a convention, but otherwise I do not see how to explain the presence of so many people in such good cosplay.

I do hope to meet more such people soon. I met a Himura Kenshin cosplayer earlier. I was very impressed.